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How to share component schemas

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  • Shared Components App vs How to share component schemas

Installing the Shared Components App in two or more spaces provides the possibility to use one space as a parent whose component schemas will be inherited by the child spaces. Once a space is configured as a child by specifying the parent space's ID in the child space's settings, the child space will no longer have access to the Block Library and use the component schemas of the space instead. Changes in the Block Library of the parent space will impact all child spaces, resulting in the exact same schema configuration for every single space.

Sharing component schemas using the Management API or CLI

If you want to share components between spaces but still keep the possibility to create and manage components individually per space, it is recommended to use either the Management API directly or the Storyblok CLI. The CLI provides convenient pull-components and push-components commands. Please keep into account that these approaches will, in contrast to the Shared Components App, not automatically keep component schemas in sync across spaces whenever changes are made. However, an automatic sync of components schemas may be implemented in the context of a CI/CD process.