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  • Conflict resolving while editing

You might have seen an overlay while you've worked on your content. This happens if you're working on a content item that has been updated from another user or even from yourself and your current tab has an older version.

Example Scenario:

  1. Editor B opens the content item "Article 1"
  2. Editor A changes content in content item "Article 1" and presses Save.
  3. Editor B still has the old "Article 1" open in its tab
  4. Editor B now changes content without having the content from Editor A, as they opened the "Article 1" before the changes where made
  5. Conflict Resolving overlay shows for Editor B

Conflict resolving

Copy Over

"Opens newer version in a new window t o let you copy over your changes"

As Editor B the latest saved version of Editor A will be opened in a new Tab and you will be able to add your changes in that new tab.


"Overwrites newer version with your changes"

As Editor B you ignore the changes of Editor A and override their changes with yours.