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  • What are shared components in Storyblok?

Shared components in Storyblok allow you to actually share components across spaces. This feature is important for multi tenant implementations.

The basic idea behind the shared components feature is to set-up one "parent" space. This one parent space has multiple "child" spaces. Each of those child spaces does not have their own components, but directly uses the parent spaces.

You're building a multi tenant application that enables your own customers to register on your own platform and build out landing pages by selecting one prepared theme. Each of those themes contains components provided by the parent space, so any update you're doing in that one parent space in regards to component schemas will also reflect in all child spaces.

Space Structure

- Template Parent Space 1
   - Child Space 1
   - Child Space 2
   - Child Space 3
   - ...
- Template Parent Space 2
   - Child Space x
   - ...