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  • FAQ
  • Can our support help you with the implementation of your project?

Storyblok's support team tries its best to help you wherever it can. However there are some topics where it's better to ask for help elsewhere. Following some examples:

Where our support team CAN help?

  • You are in search for example projects, boilerplates and tools for Storyblok.
  • You want to submit a feature request of the Storyblok editing interface or api.
  • You want to know more about Storyblok's roadmap.
  • You have issues integrating Storyblok's Javascript bridge in your project.
  • You want to know how to setup your content structure.

Where our support team CAN NOT help?

  • Our support doesn't cover walk-throughs for our tutorials nor do we give guidance for developing complete projects.
  • You don't know how to install the Storyblok SDK's. Please read the documentation, tutorials or study the example projects.
  • You have problems with non-official Storyblok plugins or SDK's.
  • Your website is slow and you don't know how to improve the load speed. Please research on Stackoverflow or other developer communities for best practises about caching and optimization techniques.
  • You have issues accessing data (from Storyblok) in your project. Please use logging to output the data and understand better what is behind each variable and how the data flows. If that doesn't help research on developer communities.
  • You have a problem in your application that is not directly related to Storyblok's api or Storyblok's Javascript bridge.
  • You have problems with your application that requires us to install any software or packages to analyse and debug. For security reasons Storyblok's support team is not allowed to execute code or install dependencies from project code that gets sent to us.
  • You are new to programming. Please take the time to study the needed technologies to get a good knowledge base. You can always ask in big communities like Reddit, Stack Overflow or read the documentation of the technologies.
  • You have problems understanding the tutorials and can't get the project to run. Please take your time to read the documentation of the used technologies and try to follow the tutorials step by step.