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User and Organization Management allows you to add and retrieve all your organizations users in one place and dashboard. Allow you to easily reuse them in multiple spaces.


As a organization administrator you will see a link in the sub-menu of the my account section which brings to to the organization dashboard.

Here you can add and remove users from your organization and configure the role of each member.


If you have SSO for Salesforce enabled in your organization you also will find a button to add a SSO callback url and the possibility to add a Salesforce user using the Salesforce ID.

How to add a Salesforce user

  1. Click "Add user"
  2. Select "SSO@Salesforce" as usertype
  3. Insert the 15 digit Salesforce User ID
  4. Insert the email-address and click "Create"

After you added the user to your organization you can add him to your individual spaces.


Important: this feature will be replace with an agency area for selected agencies early 2019.