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  • Where can I add the VAT number and how does it affect the invoice?

The value added tax (VAT) number is an identifier used in countries of the European Union. A business or a taxable person is identified with their own unique number.

The VAT number is needed to create an invoice without taxes, as Reverse-charge applies. Reverse-charge means the liability to pay the VAT is shifted to the customer. The customer has to calculate and pay the VAT.

Follow the steps below to update your information and add your VAT number.

  • Navigate to your Settings {1} page and click the Subscriptions {2} button.
  • Click the Billing Preferences and Invoices {3} button to take you to a Stripe billing page.
Updating billing information
  • Click the Update information {1} tab on the Stripe billing page.
Update billing information
  • Add your VAT number {1} on the Tax ID {2} section, as shown below.

If you don’t provide the VAT number or the VAT number is wrong, the invoice amount will include the VAT rate of your country.