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  • how do you measure monthly page views in TB

We measure the outgoing traffic on our platform, which means API traffic, Asset (Video, Images, …), and so on.

We don't have a fixed total limit for requests that can be made to our APIs, and the count of content items (standard limit is 1 million) can be increased at any time for space with a paid plan.

The only fixed and unchangeable limits are the requests per second to the APIs. The management API has a limit of 6 calls per second for paid plans, and the list of different limits that apply to the delivery API is listed here

To the fair-use traffic of 1TB that comes with the plans from basic to premium, you only need to pay for additional traffic when you exceed that limit. Every additional 1TB is being charged 190,00 Euro

But you can also decrease the size of images by using our image service: