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  • Wrong VAT on the invoice: What to do?

There are different types of invoices:

  • Invoices without VAT - B2B within the EU Reverse-charge
  • Invoices with the VAT of the customer’s country - B2C within the EU
  • Invoices without any taxes - Customers from countries outside the EU

If the taxes on your invoice are wrong, please check the following information.

Did you provide the VAT number? Is the VAT number correct? Is the billing information correct?

Follow the steps below, to update your billing information.

  • Navigate to your Settings {1} tab and click on Subscriptions {2}.
  • Click on the Billing preferences and Invoices {3} button to take you to a Stripe billing page.
Updating billing information
  • On the Stripe billing page, click the Update information {1} tab to update your billing information, as shown below.
Update billing information

If everything is correct and the invoice is still wrong, please contact Storyblok doesn’t correct invoices that were issued before customers changed the necessary information.