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  • How to back up your Storyblok space

While the S3 backup is included in the Business Plan and above for backing up a space, exploring additional options for a more comprehensive backup strategy is important. Here are various methods to back up different aspects of your space.

  • S3 Backups: The S3 backup provides a backup of your space with limited options: it backs up stories (content), releases, scheduled content, installed apps, assets, component definitions (schemas), collaborators, roles, and preview templates. However, it doesn't backup presets, component groups, datasources, or space settings.

Additional Backup Methods

  • Storyblok CLI: You can sync, download, and back up your space languages, components, presets, stories folder, roles, datasources, and fields.
  • Management API (MAPI): With the Storyblok Management API, you can create a better strategy using custom scripts. You can back up whatever you want, depending on your needs.
  • Storyblok Assets Backup Script: The Storyblok Assets Backup script is a valuable tool for asset-specific backups. This script focuses on efficiently backing up assets within your space.
  • Storyblok Schema Migration: Consider using the Storyblok Scheme Migration tool, a contribution by Storyblok Ambassador Markus Oberlehner. This tool helps to back up component definitions in a Storyblok space.