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  • How to set up Microsoft SSO Azure AD in Storyblok

You can use Microsoft SSO (Single Sign-on) using Azure AD (Active Directory), in Storyblok. This can be done in 3 steps.


This feature is only available in spaces on enterprise plans.

Step 1: Get Azure Tenant ID

For integration with AzureAD we will need the Azure Tenant ID which can be found on the Active Director page.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory page

Azure Active Director page

Step 2: Contact Storyblok

Once you have the Tenant ID, it will be necessary to share the ID and the domain(s) that will be used for your login via SSO with your contact person at Storyblok.

It is possible to log in with SSO using several domains. Please provide a list of all domains that you would like to use.
Example: ,

Step 3: Finish the process

For all users who are using any of the configured domains, the option to log in via SSO will appear.

Storyblok SSO login screen

Storyblok SSO login screen

To finish the installation process, it is required that a person with administrative access in Azure logs in to Storyblok in order to install the Enterprise application in Azure:

Microsoft permissions to be accepted

Microsoft permissions to be accepted

You may check the application configuration here:

Azure Active Directory - Enterprise applications - All applications

Microsoft Azure: view all applications

Microsoft Azure: view all applications

Your SSO setup is now complete. If you want to learn how you can assign roles to users in your space using Azure AD, please consult this FAQ entry.