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  • Using Filter Queries in Translated Stories

For spaces created before February 6th, 2024, that are configured to publish translations individually (Settings > Internationalization > Publish translations individually), please contact Storyblok's support team to enable the internal use_filter_query_in_translated_stories option.

For spaces created after February 6th, 2024, this option is enabled by default.

When performing a Content Delivery API request, filter_query will successfully filter translated stories if the following conditions are met:

  • The space must be configured to publish languages independently.
  • The space must be configured to have use_filter_query_in_translated_stories enabled.
  • The request must contain the language parameter specifying the target language. Please refer to the Internationalization developer guide for further information.
  • The request must contain version=published.
Example request Copy to clipboard
     [headline__i18n__de][like]=Hallo Welt