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  • How to use Magento with Storyblok

There is two way of using Magento with Storyblok. Firstly, we can use the default Magento templating system. It means that the frontend developer will create templates and HTML via Magento template and they will consume Storyblok content via APIs. To do that we have a community package with more links for the same thing :

  1. Getting started with Storyblok and Magento :
  2. Magento package:
  3. Sources:

The second option would be using API driven approach, where Magento expose the API for the catalogue, and in Storyblok the developer can consume the APIs via a field plugin (that we don’t provide at the moment but your developer can create one) (very similar to our Shopify or BigCommerce integration)

  1. Field type plugin:
  2. Example guide: