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  • Setting up Dev Server with HTTPS On Windows

If you are a macOS user, you should check the following setup for Mac - Setting up Dev Server with HTTPS Proxy on MacOS.

Most apps are served via HTTP during development. With Storyblok v2, your app must be served in HTTPS proxy for your development server on Windows.

  • Install Chocolatey: a package manager for windows. You can view installation guides here.
  • Install mkcert for creating a valid certificate and install localhost with mkcert: Open your PowerShell as admin and run the commands below consecutively; make sure that Chocolatey
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          choco install mkcert // install mkcert
    mkcert --version // check the mkcert version

    For some users, install local-ssl-proxy package globally on your windows machine, as adding it to package.json script might not work.

  • Add the proxy to your package.json scripts: Next, add the commands below to your package.json scripts
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          "proxy": "mkcert -install && mkcert localhost && local-ssl-proxy --source 3010 --target 3000 --cert localhost.pem --key localhost-key.pem"
  • Run the proxy with the command below:
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          yarn proxy 
  • In a separate terminal, start your application by running
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          yarn dev

Add this to your project's to gitignore

# HTTPS Proxy certificates