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  • How can I recover deleted stories?

There are two ways how you can recover deleted stories in the UI:

  1. You can check the trash can which will be available after installing the trash can app from our store When clicking on the symbol left from the "+Folder" button you can see which stories and folders are in it: Img You can then select the items you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button right to the "Select" checkbox: Img

  2. In the case that you can't find the item(s) in the trash can you can also take a look into the activity log which can be found on the dashboard: Img When you can't see in the "Recent activities" on the dashboard what you want to restore you can click on any item in the list which will bring you on a new page with the name "Activity Details" which shows you a short summary of the log entry. Now you press the back button so you come to the complete list of log entries: Img In that list you need to search for "destroyed Story" entries and the name of the story in parentheses: Img Now you can restore the story by clicking on "Restore this Story": Img

  3. When you have a subscription on your space you can make it shorter by installing the "Activities" app from our store which will create a shortcut into the left menu to the complete list: Img